Hip Hop Hijinkz

by Joe Shit (the Ragman)



released January 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Joe Shit (the Ragman) NRW, Germany

This is Paul Hermansen, a young multiinstrumentalist from Germany. He has his roots in Folk and Rock music, however he started incorporating elements of psychedelic music and Jazz-Fusion lately. He did already release quite a few recordings, however with different projects. This is the youtube channel (additional tracks) : www.youtube.com/channel/UCIqXJgdbIC1baKOuW_XeSig ... more

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Track Name: Insignificant Other (ruff mix)
Samples of a George Crumb interview as well as "Der Säufer" by The Idiots.
Track Name: Never heard a man lie (feat. Breezy)
lyrics courtesy of breezy, partly freestyled.
Track Name: Who Dat?
Verse 1 (Paul Hermansen) :

Andy Warhol,
Ma man Udo Kier on the beat

First things first I da whackest
But it don't matter 'coz I chatter through my records
I a cool-bobbin' cat educated in the black arts
and the belles all start bouncing when I sit down
and the rag starts.

I is a viper fosho
speak jive fosho
Also fluent in freeform improvisation yo-ho
I am feelin' it like loco
bitches on the dead man's chest dancing a-go-go
Got so few homeboys y'all niggas call me frodo
flow so stone-cold like bitches eatin' froyo
I be cravin' some craven no homo
haiitian voodoo, serpent and rainbow
An' you shoulda seen your face yo
when I dun my voodoo dust from
my palm in your face blow
Ev'rynight awake practising the glass saxophone
the ganjah slowly makin me a mindless drone
an' makin me believe that my rhymin' game's on
Hyper weed like cyclon b, gee, please lemme take it home
with me

Verse 2 (Joe Shit) :

Who dis german MC flowing in the queen's?
He da sickest lyricist you ever seen
He don't even speak his lingua franca
but that "Kanak Sprache" like
"Bah, Kahbah! Alda das' Baba!"

An' he really be a blunt motherfucker
His Ex-bitch be a cunt so he struck her
An' then he cut'er up
An' then he suck'er ganjah and butter laced blood-ah
So Y'all motherfuckers better shut up

Verse 3 (Paul Hermansen) :

Take it from the Gymnasiasten
The Niggas from the class with the lessons that be lasting
Like comitting treason and arson
Also from the Sunni kids preachin' and fasting. (Hear me now)

Verse 4 (Joe Shit) :

Take it from the school shootaz
Those that drool like Judas over schwul Brudaz
Those that teach the Nazi thugs
that every Nazi sucks
Those that bring peace to Piros and Bloods
Bringing beats like a virus to clubs
Spitting vile tyrads like puss
killing all of dem rhinos for drugs
gotta say all of you psychos be nuts
So mad I might throw a fuss
Yo face left me in digust
Virus-like rhino pox

(Improvised Paul Hermansen Lines)

Paul and Joe:

Now your school has always told you to stay all far outta trouble
Now you livin in a hexen crackden where dem cauldrons bubble
An' can't you remember granny with her apron and her knickers
Telling you every single day never to hang around with niggers


Now you the witch to burn!
An' bitch you earned it!
Now all dem tables turned
an' you ain't learned shit
You said you was immune to law, but you staged it
nobody expects federal investigation

You's a racist little cunt but u know the black arts
You bitch-ass heretic don't even move when the track starts
You been violently shallow so just lemme put some truth on
Cause I ain't the one meas'ring happiness in blow and poupon

Udo Kier: To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life in the gallbladder
Track Name: Bikini Body
Track Name: So bad wah wah wah
So Bad, So Bad Wah Wah Wah

Sometimes you gotta get your feet on the floor
Like when yo’ trippin an’ you got the fuckin’ heat at your door
Then you better hide the weed in the drawer,
Feed the last remaining grams of your speed to ya daughter
An’ they call it a Perception disorder,
It’s like living in the film “Inception”, well, Sorta
Shrink told me it was HPPD
An’ that it came from my N-NDMT
At least I don’t struggle with obesity,
That has to do with all dat Sauerkraut and Beer
But actually many germans think that too mach Kraut is evil,
That’s why the german’s favourite Vegetable is Sour Diesel
If someone comes and tells me: smokin’ ain’t a fair solution
I tell’em Pass ma Diesel, gotta do some air pollution
Too many Car-Drivers around, guess that’s some harsh crit
I stole this copcar, now I don’t know where to park it.

You look so stressed with all that Grass in yo’ Backpack
This is a Fuckin’ Unna-West-Rapper-Swag-Track
Low voice, so wack, red/black attack-fag
I step in in drag and snap-back your dad dead. (2x)

Psychokinetic rays enter my body at strange angles,
Gonna blow to pieces, so adventurous!
Nigga, film dis! I came here so I could show off
Inflate my ego, rise above and then blow off
But now I’m sittin here, face pushed into my lap
Stomach was tapped, comet has landed, vomit all over, I fell for the trap
Gotta go back.
Kinda hard if you can’t see straight
Lost my way and got run over by a Diesel
Nevermind, now I’m home writing these words
Dying of hangover, bean really hurts
Cops at the door, better get up,
Show them my stash and get instantly handcuffed!